Tailored Investment Approach

Companies in the private market often have complex capital structures and an increased number of underlying stakeholders (early investors, private equity GPs and LPs, family offices, corporations). These stakeholders often have varying and competing objectives, time horizons, liquidity needs and return thresholds which can create misalignment. This misalignment often leads to the need for creative capital solutions. There are limited options for this type of liquidity need, and Labyrinth is well equipped to execute in this area of the market.

Patience is a core attribute of our investment strategy as we are focused on capital appreciation and preservation, not short duration opportunities.

Platform Solutions

Providing Flexible Capital to Solve Complex Problems

Labyrinth’s bespoke capital solutions are valuable to the entire private market landscape given our deep investment experience

  • Single or Multi-Asset Liquidity
  • Independent Sponsor Financing
  • Fund Restructuring/Recapitalization
  • Continuation Funds
  • Strip Sale
  • Other Special Situations

Main Industries of Focus

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Business Services
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Healthcare Services
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Industrial Services
Financial Services