Private market capital structures continue to increase in complexity and also the number of underlying stakeholders (private equity GPs and LPs, family offices, corporations, etc.). Stakeholders often have different objectives, time horizons, liquidity needs and return thresholds which can create misalignment (e.g. a growth equity fund owns a significant portion of a company, but original VC investors are still in the cap table and are seeking liquidity). This misalignment often leads to the need for capital solutions.

Labyrinth Capital Partners (“LCP”) is well positioned to navigate and process the increased deal flow in our targeted market. Patience is key and LCP’s investment strategy is focused on capital appreciation and preservation, not on “quick flip” / short duration opportunities.

Key attributes of our investment strategy

  • • Principally invest in U.S. based businesses with flexibility for select international markets
  • • Capital preservation / good downside protection through creative structures
  • • Focus on attractive investment characteristics to a large supply of investment opportunities
  • • Acquire mature / high quality assets
  • • Attractive entry points (price / stage of business)


Private Market AUM now totals $6.5 trillion, almost 2.7x more than 2010

Source: McKinsey (A New Decade for Private Markets, 2020)